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Sunday, December 02, 2012

Chainsaw Massacre in Nassau's Suburban Forests By Bruce Piel Nassau County employees are being assigned to "clear cut" our precious preserves. Hundreds of trees are being taken out, both damaged and undamaged by Hurricane Sandy, in effect destroying the character of these areas of natural beauty. Our thanks to the North Shore Audubon Society bringing this to our attention. . It is evident that the county and park administrations do not know the difference between parks and preserves. So allow us to help define each for them. A park is a green space specifically designed for human recreation, i.e. picnics, sports, biking, swimming, etc. Removing damaged or dangerous trees from public parks is not only acceptable but also prudent. Preserves, however, are "forever wild" green spaces that allow our residents to see nature as it was before the population explosion that filled most of the space on Long Island. Natural events, even Hurricane Sandy, is part of the natural process that defines our forests. Trees felled by the storm still provide protection and food to the wildlife that lives there. Over time downed trees will decay and become a part of the forest floor providing nutrients to new saplings. This process should not be tampered with except in two circumstances. They are: Emergency vehicle access roads Walking or hiking trails Trees or other foliage that block or endanger this type of public access may be cleared enough to allow their use. No more! So why is Nassau County destroying our preserves? Well, it seems the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is paying the county "tree money" to remove hurricane damaged trees. This bonanza was not to be ignored but to be exploited!. Hundreds of trees in the Welwyn Preserve have been cut down, including live, undamaged trees (by mistake, allegedly) and the carnage continues in the Garvies Preserve. Massapequa and all other preserves are on the list. This desecration of our natural heritage must be stopped. All concerned citizens of Nassau should contact their County Executive, Park Commissioner and their county legislators to halt this madness. Our preserves should not be sacrificed to the greed of our county leaders. Bruce Piel Chairman Park Advocacy & Recreation Council of Nassau (PARCnassau) 246 Twin Lane East Wantagh, NY 11793 (516-776-1538


At 2:31 PM, Blogger Napster said...

Please see my post on Facebook (Nap Arthus) regarding Welwyn Preserve. I am trying to find accountability for the destruction there. I have involved our local Legistator and Assemblyman. How can I help?

At 2:57 PM, Blogger stacy said...

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